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T received her first camera in 6th grade, it had the 110 film with the rotating 4 flash bulb. She assembled her first scrapbook together in her senior year and has been scrapbooking every since. T was the team photographer for Creek Cheer & Creek Golf for years and shot all her family gatherings for the last 20 years.

She shoots with a Canon DSLR camera and is a people person that loves interacting with her “peeps”, so taking her photography to this next level has been a smooth transition. T is able to keep her costs down by not having a studio, but loves outdoor shoots and using natural light

T Photography shoots are fast, fun, & painless. She recently had a husband say, “well this was painless”. Most men don’t enjoy shooting, but love the outcome.  T loves capturing the “shot” and know you will be happy with the end result.
Phone: 281-455-2361  or E-Mail
T Photography
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T Photography likes the natural shot and is able to keep her prices very affordable by doing very little editing which is time prohibitative. She will do blemish, shine reducing, cropping, and lighting editing. T enjoys using props, so bring whatever you want to try.

Tami will send the files of the shoot through an email with a link either through Dropbox or Pixieset within one week of the shoot.  T also places a “sneak peek” on FB unless client tells her otherwise.

Call now and set up your session, so you may join the group that has been “shot by T Photography”
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Tami PrangleTami PrangleTami Prangle
Tami PrangleTami PrangleTami PrangleTami Prangle
Tami PrangleTami PrangleTami Prangle
Tami PrangleTami Prangle
Tami Prangle
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